General Dentistry

At Southridge Dental in Lethbridge, our general dentists provide a comprehensive range of general dentistry services, including dental checkups and cleanings, as well as dental fillings, crowns, bridges, and more.

What is General Dentistry?

General Dentistry encompasses the essential dental treatments and services you need for good oral health. The primary goal of general dentistry is disease prevention: preserving patients' natural teeth, and keeping their teeth and gums healthy and functional for as long as possible.

About Your General Dentist

Your general dentist diagnoses and treats dental health problems, manages your general dental health needs, and provides preventive dental education to help patients keep their teeth and gums healthy at home.

General Dentistry | Southridge Dental | Lethbridge

General Services

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  • Hygiene & Prevention

    What is Preventive Dental Care? Preventive dental care includes regular dental checkups and cleanings at our Lethbridge dental clinic, and good oral hygiene care routine at home. These practices can help you prevent dental disease and keep your smile healthy.  Request An Appointment Regular Oral Exams Regular examinations at ...
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  • Crowns

    What are Dental Crowns? At our Lethbridge dental clinic, we use dental crowns (hollow, artificial teeth) to repair damaged or decayed teeth, restore their function and prevent them from deteriorating further. Request An Appointment Why do I need a crown? Dental crowns cover damaged teeth and protect them from any future issue...
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  • Bridges

    What is a Dental Bridge? Our Lethbridge dentists use a dental bridge to literally 'bridge' the gap left by missing teeth. Made up of one or more artificial teeth, the bridge is affixed to the teeth on either side of the gap to fill the space. Request An Appointment The Bridge Procedure The dental bridge procedure usually requ...
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  • Dental Fillings in Lethbridge

    What are Dental Fillings? At our Lethbridge dental clinic, our dentists use fillings to repair cavities, cracks or fractures in teeth, and help restore their function and structure.  Request An Appointment Filling Materials & Benefits There are a variety of filling materials available, each w...
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  • Full & Partial Dentures

    What are Dentures? Dentures are removable, artificial tooth replacements that our Lethbridge dentists use to replace missing teeth. They allow patients to preserve their face structure, eat properly and speak well. Request an Appointment Types of Dentures Whether you need dentures to replace one missing tooth, a row of teeth ...
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  • Root Canal Therapy

    What is a Root Canal? If the nerve inside a tooth is affected by infection or decay, our Lethbridge dentists will perform a root canal procedure to remove the infected tissue, and repair the tooth.  Request An Appointment Signs & Symptoms of Pulp Infection You may need a root canal if you experience any of the following i...
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  • Tooth Extractions in Lethbridge

    What is a Tooth Extraction? A tooth extraction is the complete removal of a tooth from the mouth. Our Lethbridge dentists provide tooth extractions for wisdom teeth, and teeth that are too badly damaged to save. Request An Appointment General Extractions You want to k...
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  • TMD

    What is TMD? Our Lethbridge dentists can help diagnose and treat temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), a condition of the jaw joints that can cause jaw pain, severe headaches and ringing in the ears. Request An Appointment Causes & Symptoms of TMD The most common cause of TMD is a bad bite (the misalignment of the teeth...
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