We Place Bridges and Crowns in Lethbridge to Improve Your Smile

Southridge Dental places bridges and crowns in Lethbridge for patients who have missing, deformed or weak teeth. These dental issues may have made you become self-conscious about your smile, but you don’t have to feel that way any longer!

Bridges and crowns both improve damaged teeth's appearance and function. Crowns fit over your teeth and provide protection through the use of porcelain caps, while bridges replace your missing tooth by adding a false tooth and two crowns on either side for support. Unlike dentures, bridges and crowns are fixed (not removable) and they, with the proper care, can typically last a decade or more.

Provide Support for Your Smile

Damaged and missing teeth can cause more problems than just creating an uneven smile. If your teeth are cracked they are more susceptible to infection, which means they are also more susceptible to cavities. If bacteria enter your teeth through a crack and make it to the centre or pulp of your teeth, chances are you could end up needing a root canal. Crowns will help protect your teeth and prevent bacteria from getting to the pulp.

If you have missing teeth for extended periods of time, this can also lead to serious consequences. A missing tooth can cause the teeth around it to shift. Your jaw can also become weaker and begin to deteriorate if you are missing teeth, which can lead to a sunken-in look in your face. Bridges can help make sure your teeth remain in place.

You may need crowns or bridges if your teeth:

  • Show discoloration
  • Appear deformed
  • Contain a large filling
  • Have had root canal therapy
  • Exhibit fracturing or are prone to fracture

When your dentist inserts your crowns or bridges, you'll benefit in the following ways:

  • Add support to weak teeth
  • Protect teeth from further or future damage
  • Replace damaged or missing teeth
  • Improve chewing and eating
  • Maintain same color, shape, and bite of natural teeth

People who experience dental problems often find that crowns or bridges provide a healthier and more attractive smile.


Know the Procedure

During comprehensive exams, dentists assess your mouth to see if you need crowns or bridges. After the tooth has been worked on, the next step involves creating an impression of your teeth. At Southridge Dental, patients’ teeth undergo digital impressions instead of plaster ones. The impressions allow the crowns or bridges to function and fit like natural teeth.

You also need to consider how crowns and bridges affect your teeth’s appearance. The condition, number, and position of teeth, as well as the material used to make the crowns or bridges, affect appearance and longevity. Consult your dentist to find your preferred option.

After you choose your crown or bridge, you need to wait for their completion. You can wear temporary solutions until you receive permanent ones at your next visit.

If you need a bridge or crown, call our Lethbridge dentists to learn more.

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