Teeth Whitening: The Best Way to a Brighter Smile

Easily the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in Lethbridge is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening treatments have allowed numerous people to reclaim a bright, white smile that has lost some of its lustre to staining. With such treatments available, you don't need to let self-consciousness over the way your teeth look stop you from smiling anymore.

The Lethbridge dentists at Southridge Dental offer teeth whitening solutions that can help you, no matter what your schedule is like, to
achieve a smile that you can feel confident showing off to the world.

In-office Teeth Whitening Treatments

Though you can buy many different teeth whitening products at just about any drug or grocery store, these gums, strips,and toothpastes cannot measure up to the results of an in-office teeth whitening treatment in Lethbridge.

Because a Lethbridge dentist has the necessary skills and training, they are allowed to use much stronger bleaching agents than are allowed to be used in over-the-counter whitening products. On top of being more effective, an in-office whitening produces much quicker and much longer-lasting results as well.

If you bring your concerns to a Lethbridge dentist at Southridge Dental, then the two of you can decide together whether our in-office teeth whitening treatment is right for you. Our teeth whitening procedure consists of a targeted bleaching gel which is applied to your teeth using a set of customized trays.

The customized trays, which are made to fit precisely onto your teeth, give all of your teeth maximum exposure to the bleaching gel. We avoid tooth and gum sensitivity by ensuing that the bleaching gel is not applied to the gum line and by adjusting concentrations for patients
with sensitive teeth.

With teeth whitening treatment at Lethbridge's Southridge Dental, you'll also benefit from a whitener chosen specifically to target your particular types of tooth stains.

At-home Teeth Whitening Kits

While in-office treatments offer the quickest results, at-home whitening kits from a Lethbridge dentist at Southridge Dental offer some patients more flexibility. At-home whitening kits can be a great solution to a whiter smile if you have a very busy schedule. Simply pick up your kit from our dental clinic and follow our instructions at

Using an at-home whitening kit is easy. All it consists of is filling a set of whitening trays with a gel whitening
solution and placing them over your teeth. At-home whitening kits can produce effective results in an affordable and convenient manner.

Schedule Your Appointment for Teeth Whitening in Lethbridge

A Lethbridge dentist from Southridge Dental would be more than happy to talk to you about which of our teeth whitening treatments is
the best choice for you. In just a few quick visits, your teeth can become noticeably whiter, or you can choose the convenience of whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home.

Whichever solution sounds good to you, you can call and schedule an appointment with Southbridge Dental to start a teeth whitening treatment in Lethbridge today.

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