Five Common Myths About Dentures Dispelled

Are you considering getting dentures but are concerned about how you’ll eat with them, how they’ll look, and how much they’ll cost? Fear not. Here are some common myths about dentures, and why you shouldn’t believe them.

Myth: Getting a denture involves a long and painful process
In fact, getting a denture involves a simple step-by-step procedure:

  • A mould of your mouth is made to ensure your denture is a perfect fit
  • The shape, colour and bite action of your new denture is selected
  • The dentist will set your denture in wax
  • You’ll have a final fitting

Full or partial dentures may be offered by your Lethbridge dentist, and the number of trips to the clinic will vary. If you need to have teeth removed, it’s possible to get temporary dentures fitted in the same session.

Myth: Dentures make eating difficult
Modern dentures don’t impose dietary restrictions and you can eat just about anything you want. Of course, it’s best to start slowly with your new denture, as it may feel different at first. Start with softer foods and take time to cut tougher foods into smaller pieces. Don’t worry; you’ll be eating your favourite meals in no time at all.

Myth: Everyone can see my dentures
Dentures have improved immensely over time, especially in terms of how they look! Remember, modern dentures are tailor made, meaning a specific shape, design and colour can be selected. People won’t notice your denture; they’ll merely be aware your dazzling smile.

Myth: I can’t afford dentures
The full price of your denture, or at least a part of it, may be covered by your insurance company. However, it’s worth asking your provider in advance, so you’re aware of the exact costs. Some dentists, will even submit your dental insurance claims for you, ensuring a quick and easy process.

Myth: I don’t have to brush my dentures

To keep your dentures looking and feeling great, it’s essential to take care of them just like you would your natural teeth. Make sure you brush your dentures—a soft bristled denture brush is recommended—and soak them in a solution overnight.

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